chutney recipes

Onion chutney recipe

Most of the South Indian dishes ,especially breakfast is incomplete without a chutney to serve along with.There are many types of chutneys : coconut chutney,garlic chutney,coriander chutney,ginger chutney,onion chutney,tomato chutney…well..the list goes on.Today,I am going to present the recipe for onion chutney.A chutney that goes well with any types of […]


Ginger chutney recipe

Ginger chutney or allam chutney is one of the best home remedy for loss of appetite.Ginger is known to improve digestion.Also ginger chutney is a best match to have with pesarattu and with plain dosas too.It is easy to make and takes less number of ingredients. Ingredients required: refined oil […]