Indian sweets

Coconut Burfi Recipe | Kobbari mithai recipe

ACoconut burfi is a popular South India sweet made with fresh shredded coconut and sugar.Among the different varieties of burfi’s coconut burfi is probably one of the most commonly made burfi. Read further to know the detailed recipe with step by step photos. Step by step photos: Keep a kadai […]


Gujiya recipe | Karanji recipe | Karjikayi

Gujiya recipe with step by step photos – Gujiya or Karanji also called as Karjikayi in Kannada is usually made for Ganesh Chatutrthi festival in Karnataka and Maharastra.Its basically a deep fried pastry which has a sweet stuffing inside.In north India regions mostly the stuffing consists of Khoya or mawa […]


CHIROTI | Sweet chirote recipe

Chiroti is a popular Indian sweet made during festivals and celebrations.Its made with all purpose flour and then made to soak in sugar syrup.Its one of the easiest Indian sweet recipe to make 🙂  


Pineapple Kesari Bath Recipe

Pineapple kesari bath or Pineapple rava kesari is most commonly done sweet dish in our house mainly because pineapple is easily available in our garden.My mother mostly makes pineaaple gojju or pineaaple jam.And I go for pineapple kesaribath as its my daughters favourite :).The recipe is very much similar to […]


Malpuri recipe

Malpuri is the Mangalorean version of popular Indian sweet pancake Malpua.It’s easy to make and takes less ingredients compared to Malpua.Here comes the recipe. Ingredients required: For batter : All purpose flour – 1 cup curd -1/2 cup water -1/2 cup saffron -1/2 tsp For sugar syrup: Sugar -1.5 cups […]


rava ladoo recipe

Rava laddu is a popular ladoo recipe in India made during festivals and special occasions.Its a sweet ladoo made with semolina and dry nuts and fruits.Since my childhood,I have seen my mother making this laddu whenever we demanded for some sweets and she used to make them in large quantity […]


Peanut chikki recipe

Peanut chikki or moongfali ki chikki or shenga chikki is an easy yet tricky Indian sweet.It doesn’t require much ingredients but definitely requires sense of time 🙂 .If you are a peanut lover then probably this would come on top in your list of peanut recipes.Here is a perfect,no fail peanut […]


Gasagase payasa – Natural Sleeping Drug !!!

Are you suffering from loss of sleep ? Looking for a natural home remedy for sleeplessness that has no side effects ? You must try this healthy drink made with poppy seeds and coconut milk.Traditionally called gasagase payasa in our native language,this is nothing but poppy kheer.Very easy,very healthy kheer […]


Kesari Bath Recipe

Kesaribath or Rava Kesari originated from Karnataka is a sweet dish popular all over India.It is prepared during festivals and also in wedding functions and other celebrations.It is one such sweet dish that is prepared for normal breakfasts too.It is served with Kharabath or Uppittu or Upma.When both kharabath and […]