Cooked Rice Roti | Akki Roti recipe with cooked rice | leftover rice roti

In-spite of proper planning of the lunch menu with right measurements,sometimes there would still be leftover foods in kitchen.Rice and rotis probably take top 2 places among left overs :).We know the traditional way of making Akki rotti using rice or rice flour.The same idea can be used for using leftover rice for making cooker rice roti.I will be sharing recipes for leftover rotis too like leftover roti cutlet and leftover roti burfi.


  • Cooked rice – 2 cups
  • Rice flour – 1 cup
  • Salt – to taste


  1. First add the leftover rice to a blender.
  2. Add required quantity of salt.
  3. Grind the rice into a smooth and fine paste.Do not add water while grinding the rice.If you find it difficult to grind to a smooth paste you can add very little,not more than 1 or 2 tbsp of water.
  4. Transfer the rice paste to a mixing bowl.
  5. Add rice flour little at a time.The exact quantity of rice flour may vary depending on the quality of rice.But for 2 cups of cooked rice you may need up to 1 cup of rice flour to reach the dough consistency.
  6. Now pinch equal portions of the dough and make small balls.
  7. Roll each ball using a rolling pin just like you roll a chapati or roti.
  8. Dry roast on the rolled roti on both sides on a tawa.
  9. Serve the rotis with any spicy curry of your choice 🙂

Step by step photos:

Add 2 cups of cooked rice to the mixie jar.

Add required quantity of salt.
Grind the rice into a fine paste without adding water.Transfer to a mixing bowl and add 1 cup of rice flour.Knead the mixture well to bring it into a dough consistency. 

Pinch ball sized portions from the dough.

Take each ball and roll it using a rolling pin into a thin roti.

Dry roast the rolled rotis on tawa on both sides.

Serve the rotis with any spicy curry 🙂