Prawns Pulimunchi

prawns pulimunchiIn one of my earlier posts I have given the recipe for bangude pulimunchi or Spicy and tangy Mackerel masala curry. Prawns puli munchi recipe is almost similar to bangude pulimunchi except for few spices and ingredients.Here comes a detailed recipe with step by step photos.

Prawns -  500 gms
Oil - 4 tsp
Crushed garlic - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste
For masala :
Dry red chillies - 8 to 10
Tamarind - small lime sized lump
Green chillies - 4
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Garlic cloves - 7
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp

* First prepare the masala by grinding all the ingredients 
  for masala listed above.Let it be a fine masala paste. 
* Keep aside the masala paste.In a pan heat up 4 tsp of oil.
* Once the oil is heated well,add crushed garlic and saute it.
* Next add prawns.Prawns can be marinated with salt and turmeric powder
  30 minutes before making the pulimunchi.
* After adding marinated prawns to oil fry it in low or medium flame 
  for 10 minutes or until the water content completely dries out.
  Keep stirring it in between.
* After frying prawns well,add already prepared masala and mix it well.
  Add little water and adjust the consistency as per your requirement.
* Add required amount of salt.
* Cook the prawns along with masala in medium to low flame for 5 minutes
* And our prawns puli munchi will be ready.

Step by step photos :

1.First in a mixie jar add dry red chillies,tamarind,green chillies,turmeric powder,garlic cloves,cumin seeds and mustard seeds.PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_00_22_07.Still001PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_00_25_26.Still002PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_00_29_24.Still003PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_00_32_28.Still004PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_00_36_07.Still005PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_00_39_01.Still006PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_00_42_05.Still007

2.Add little water and grind it into a fine paste.PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_00_46_18.Still008PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_00_53_16.Still009

3.Keep aside the masala and heat up 4 tsp oil for frying the prawns.PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_00_57_20.Still010

4.Add crushed garlic to heated up oil and saute it for a minute.PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_01_02_18.Still011.jpg5.Next add the marinated (with salt & turmeric powder) and de-veined prawns and fry them in low to medium flame for 10 minutes.Keep stirring in between.PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_01_12_04.Still0126.After frying prawns for 10 minutes and water contents are dried,add prepared masala paste and mix well.Fry prawns again with masala for 5 more minutes.PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_01_50_01.Still014PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_02_02_26.Still0157.Add required amount of water depending on the gravy consistency that you need.PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_02_29_22.Still0178.Add salt as per taste,mix well and boil cook it for few more minutes.PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_02_42_12.Still018PrawnsPulimunchi.mp4.00_02_56_07.Still0209.And our tasty,spicy and tangy prawns pulimunchi will be ready to serve 🙂prawns pulimunchiClick here for complete video recipe :