rava ladoo recipe

Ravaladdu.mp4.00_02_45_11.Still018.jpgRava laddu is a popular ladoo recipe in India made during festivals and special occasions.Its a sweet ladoo made with semolina and dry nuts and fruits.Since my childhood,I have seen my mother making this laddu whenever we demanded for some sweets and she used to make them in large quantity and store in air tight containers.

In this post I have explained step by step method making rava laddu along with photos.A recipe that I have learnt from my mother 🙂

Ingredients required:
Rava/Semolina - 1 cup
sugar - 1 cup
ghee - 2 to 3 tsp
water - 1/3 cup
cashew nuts - 2 tsp
raisins - 2 tsp
orange food color - a pinch (optional)
cardamom powder - 1/3 tsp

Method : 
* Heat up 2 tsps of ghee in a pan.
* To this add 1 cup of suji/rava and stir-fry it in low flame for 15 minutes.
* suji turns light and aromatic.It should not change the color.Keep aside
  the fried suji.
* Prepare sugar syrup in a kadai by taking 1 cup sugar and 1/3 cup water.
  Boil until you get a single thread consistency and turn off the flame.
  Once it comes to single thread consistency add cardamom powder,food color,
  cashew nuts and raisins.
* Next add semolina to sugar syrup and keep mixing to avoid lump formation.
* Keep stirring the mixture while it cools.At one stage mixture will become
  thick enough to form a ladoo.
* Wet your palm with cold water and make laddus.We should be quick in making
  laddus otherwise the mixture will become dry after it cools completely and
  it will be diffcult to shape them into laddu.
* And our rava ladoo will be ready.Please refer the photos below for
  step by step recipe

Step by step photos :

1.Heat up 2 tsps of ghee in a pan.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_00_10_10.Still001.jpg2.Add 1 cup of rava and stir fry it in low flame for 15 minutes.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_00_15_13.Still002Ravaladdu.mp4.00_00_22_21.Still0033. Rava should be fried in low flame so that it doesn’t change the color but is fried well.It turns light and aromatic.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_00_34_20.Still004.jpg4.Keep aside the fried semolina.Next for preparing sugar syrup take 1 cup of sugar in a kadai.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_00_42_05.Still0055.Add 1/3 cup of water.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_00_47_01.Still006.jpg6.Boil the syrup until you get a single thread consistency.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_00_55_18.Still007.jpg7.Once you get a single thread consistency turn off the flame.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_00_59_11.Still008.jpg8.Now add 1/3 tsp of cardamom powder.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_01_06_11.Still010.jpg9.Also add a pinch of orange food color.Adding food color is optional.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_01_02_06.Still009.jpg10.Now add cashew nuts and raisins.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_01_09_09.Still011.jpg11.Mix well and finally add fried semolina or rava.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_01_18_10.Still012.jpg12.After adding rava keep stirring the mixture continuously while the mixture cools.It starts thickening.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_01_45_01.Still013Ravaladdu.mp4.00_01_59_21.Still01413.Transfer the thickened mixture onto a plate and quickly make all the laddus before the mixture cools completely.While making laddu wet your palms with cold water.Ravaladdu.mp4.00_02_04_16.Still015Ravaladdu.mp4.00_02_17_09.Still016And our mouthwatering rava ladoo will be ready to eat 🙂Ravaladdu.mp4.00_02_41_02.Still017Ravaladdu.mp4.00_02_45_11.Still018